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How to Join 4-H

So you want to join 4-H? Then you've come to the right place.

There are two types of clubs; community clubs and specialty clubs. Community clubs are location-based and specialty clubs are based on a specific project area such as horses, livestock, horticulture, and dogs. There are a wide variety of projects that you can choose from including (but not limited to) robotics, crafts, sewing, foods, livestock, dairy, performing arts, and ecology. You can hold any project in any club...and you can belong to more than one club.

4-H is what you make of it!!! You can be busy several days a week, or one day a month. With all of the great opportunities available as a member of the Carroll County 4-H Program, there is surely something that will suit you.

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4H Club Contacts

Black Rock 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Jan Graf
Hampstead, (410) 374-2595
Club Focus: Community

Carroll County 4-H Cattle Club
Org. Leader - Bobbye Schmidt
Taneytown, (410) 916-1580
Club Focus: Beef Cattle

Carroll County 4-H Dairy Club
Org. Leader - Debbie Hoff
Westminster, (410) 635-6335
Club Focus: Dairy Cattle

Carroll County 4-H Dog Club
Org. Leader - Robin Korotki
Westminster, (410) 239-6251
Club Focus: Dog Agility, Obedience

Carroll County 4-H Hot Shots Club
Org. Leader - Ed & Bonnie Stevens
Various, 4h_hotshotsmembership@outlook.com
Club Focus: Safety, Shooting Sports

Carroll County 4-H Livestock Club
Org. Leader - Jeanne Lippy
Westminster, (410) 374-4897
Club Focus: Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goats

Carroll County 4-H Rabbit Club
Org. Leader - Kevin Brown
Westminster, (410) 790-2433
Club Focus: Rabbits

Carrollton 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Lynda Jones
Westminster, (410) 239-7324
Club Focus: Community

Cheetah’s 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Marybell Green
Westminster, (410) 346-6658
Club Focus: Community

Chevonaire 4-H Dairy Goat Club
Org. Leader - Miriam Bell
Westminster, (410) 775-7219
Club Focus: Dairy Goats

Clover Buddies 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Cheryl Hill
Westminster, (410) 848-6983
Club Focus: Clover aged youth (5-7)

Deep Run 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Shannon Haines
Manchester, (443) 865-1074
Club Focus: Community

Deer Park 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Stephanie Brewster
Westminster, (410) 374-8899
Club Focus: Community

Fine Feathered Friends 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Darlene Welsh
Westminster, (410) 861-5634
Club Focus: Poultry, Waterfowl, Eggs

Four Pawed Freedom 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Larie Buckler
Westminster, (410) 861-6498
Club Focus: Seeing Eye Puppy Program

Gaither 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Amy Stevens
Gaither, (410) 549-4286
Club Focus: Community

Gunpowder 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Tammy Nash
Hampstead, (410) 239-8394
Club Focus: Community, Horse

Hearts for Horses
Org. Leader - Amy Thompson
Manchester, (443) 756-4465
Club Focus: Horse

High Ridge 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Candy Cole
Manchester, (410) 375-0148
Club Focus: Community

Hoofbeat 4-H Saddle Club
Org. Leader - Kristen Barth
Westminster, (410) 207-5555
Club Focus: Horse

Horse Force 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Ginger LaBarre
Westminster, (443) 398-1533
Club Focus: Horse

Lineboro 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Della Leister
Lineboro, (410) 374-4635
Club Focus: Community

Manchester Maniacs 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Ginger Bruha
Manchester, (717) 739-8649
Club Focus: Community

Pleasant Valley 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Penny Gist
Westminster, (410) 596-6810
Club Focus: Community

Power Pack Tractor Safety Program
Contact Person - Bryan Harris
Various, (410) 984-0626
Club Focus: Specialized Program

Power Take Off 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Bryan Harris
Various, (410) 984-0626
Club Focus: Tractors, Small Engines

Progressive Clovers 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Amy Smith
Taneytown, (443) 277-2544
Club Focus: Community, Dairy Cattle,

Rabbit & Cavy Breeders 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Kathy Harden
Gaither, hardencc1@verizon.net
Club Focus: Rabbits

Rolling Clovers 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Sandra Stonesifer
Taneytown, (410) 857-0416
Club Focus: Community

Sam’s Creek 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Brenda Barber
New Windsor, (410) 635-2819
Club Focus: Community

Shipley 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Jeanne Cooney
Westminster, (443) 398-4626
Club Focus: Community

Shooting Stars 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Amy Schildwachter
Westminster, (410) 756-6264
Club Focus: Archery

South Carroll Tree of Life 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Tom Enoff
Sykesville, (410) 635-2100
Club Focus: Community

Org. Leader - David Franc
Westminster, (410) 259-2749
Club Focus: Robotics, Science

Taneytown 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Paula Friedel
Taneytown, (410) 756-2221
Club Focus: Community

Therapeutic Riding Program
Org. Leader – Susan Withnell
Westminster, (410) 876-0683
Club Focus: Specialized Program

Wakefield Valley 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Linda Thompson
New Windsor, (410) 875-4112
Club Focus: Community

Westminster 4-H Club
Org. Leader - Brenda Nave
Westminster, (410) 857-4982
Club Focus: Community

University of Maryland Extension programs are open to all citizens without regard to race, color, gender, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, or national origin.


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